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    In 2013, the GDP was 79.2 billion RMB, a 8.2% growth over the previous year. Rural income was 11,100 RMB, a 10.5% growth over 2012 and urban income was 23,489 RMB, an 11% growth over 2012 (without regard to inflation).


    The population of the total administrative area of Pingxiang is estimated to be 1,874,000 at the 2012 census.


    Archaeological evidence suggests that Pingxiang was first settled during the Stone Age. During the Han dynasty, it was part of Yichun. In 267, during the time of the Three Kingdoms, it became Pingxiang County, which made it a higher level of administration than what it is today. During the Tang Dynasty (618-907), it was part of the Jiangnanxi Circuit, and was called Yuanzhou. Its name and area of administration were changed many times until 1970, when it assumed its present form.

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