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  • 2017/11/23
    Concerns about explosions and health issues have resulted in improved production procedures and stricter supervision, as Hou Liqiang and Feng Zhiwei report from Liuyang, Hunan.As the government continues to tighten controls on the manufacture of fireworks, companies in the industry are also making e...
  • 2016/04/01
    China's pension fund to flow into stock market China's massive pension fund may begin investing in the nation's A-share markets this year, a move that will channel approximately 600 billion yuan ($92.28 billion) into the equity market and likely improve its liquidity. The target date comes several m...
  • 2012/06/22
    Related readings: Though the investment amount and the industries involved in the two deals are totally different, they had one common thread - that FDI in China is ticking and contrary to expectations growing, rather than falling, albeit in a different direction. For some time now there have been...
  • 2006/05/18
    (jxinvest.cn) Updated: 2006-05-18 09:18 GUIDELINE OF MEDICINE INDUSTRY 1 General situation:The medicine industry is the key industry in our province There are 143 medicine enterprises, among which 49% of the enterprises produce Chinese traditional medicine, 40% produce chemical preparation, 11% prod...
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